Hair Vines Are Very Suitable For Girls’ Gift Ideas

Published: 08th January 2010
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There are some girls who become extremely attentive to their hair, makeup and the latest fashion in clothing while they are still very young. As it isn't the right thing in all instances for young girls to put on makeup or stylish clothes, generally, the use of hair accessories to beautify a girl's looks is an graceful and modest. Next are facts about a distinctive hair decoration - the hair vine.

What is the Purpose of Hair Vines?

A hair vine, a.k.a. a hair wrap, is a long portion of ornamentation mounted to a slim, flexible wire which hooks onto the hair in through various means. The wire is created mainly of gold or silver and has embellishments intertwined throughout. Generally seen on hair vines are flowers, real or faux pearls, Swarovski crystal, and beads. Due to the fact that this wire is so fine, although it has embellishments on it, it has a lot of flexibility so it is very adjustable to any hair length and style. Vines can be found inserted about a reserved bun, placed in a conventional French roll, or applied as a band for adding to the attractiveness of long cascading curls.

Hair Vines Can Give You an Amazingly Flexible Appearance

For a truly coordinated look, choose three matching hair vines for her, one for her hair, one for her wrist and one to wear as a necklace by closing it with a bit of gold- or silver-coloured wire. A remarkable looking and still inexpensive ensemble! Furthermore, an excellent aspect of a hair vine is that in the event she makes a decision concerning changing out her day hair do, a vine can very easily conform. It may be worn in the back of the hair, the side, on the crown of the head, or perhaps across the forehead to create a more impressive style. Putting together two or three vines, can create an stylish, tailor-made statement. Any look is feasible since some of the hair vines are up to three feet in length. Creating one circle about the neck and allowing the edges to hang on her back would be nice. What a unique, exclusive and extraordinary look!

Alternatives in Hair Vines

Normally, one would wear hair vines at an elegant affair. Embroidered in Swarovski crystals, freshwater or faux pearls, lustrous beads or flowers, hair vines put the final touch on a dress worn at a formal ceremony or wedding event. Customized patterns are offered, like those gathered from nature including ivy leaves, or diminutive flowers. For more sparkle, choose a hair vine on which the natural designs are embellished with tiny crystals or pearls. Another feature to look for is texturing on the leaves and flowers for a truer look. Generally, hair vines come with hooks at the ends to clasp onto hair pins or grips. Numerous hair vines fasten with little clear plastic combs. Hair vines are brilliant with short and long hair alike, plus, they are great with hairstyles that are fixed up or down. Another popular design uses tiny seed beads. As they did in the early Greek and Roman days, she can put a hair vine across her forehead to make a very remarkable fashion statement.

Hair vines are one-of-a-king decorations which will provide her with a likewise one-of-a-kind special and surprisingly fashionable statement.

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